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Work Diary

Today, I have decided to create a work diary. This is due to two important reasons:

1. Self-protection. It is so rare that I made mistakes or shortcomings at work but I want to take note of these, just in case, my immediate superiors brought out old issues again. This is to protect me from wrong accusations.

a. What is the issue?
b. How heavy the effect of the error committed?
c. How it was settled or corrected?
d. Penalized or just reprimanded?

2. Self-improvement. I could looked back to my performance through this diary. In that way, I will know which area needs more improvement or changes.

As per policy in our office, work promotions and salary increase or bonuses depends on how we performed and evaluated. So I better do my best to be of my best, right?

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  1. I KNOW I didn't have a work diary when I was working. Well, I guess I know now why I'm no longer working! Hehehe. Joke! It was a mutual decision between my husband and I. 🙂

    I wish you well, Divine! I wish you the best!

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