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Where to Eat in SM City Manila: 12 Delicious Destinations for Millenials

In the currently fast-pace and demanding world, it sometimes left us no choice but to run to fast-food chains when hunger strikes.

There are fast-food chains that we have known for many years or since childhood. Of course, nothing beats the original taste but it’s worth trying something new.

In SM City Manila, there are new food stalls that you can visit alone or with the family and friends. It surely worth your money because the taste of the food, the ambiance, and the overall service will make you come back for more.

Buffalo Wings n’ Things

Best for the athletic type and entire varsity theme or a sporty barkada that enjoys all things flavorful and spicy! The house specialty is the Buffalo wings. Try to request for the spiciest flavor level and get your face on the “wall of fame” if you finish the entire serving in one sitting!

Simply boneless. Just enjoy it. Garlic Parmesan Chicken

You can also have a piece of handful-sized Buffalo Burger paired with bacon and cheese fries or go for the Chicken Quesadilla.

Teresita’s of San Fernando

Can you resist a creamy Kare-Kare? That’s one of their specialties! If you’re craving for Filipino food, they can serve you Caldereta and Palabok too! Enough to entice you is their offer in value-meal style which is perfect for a student on a budget and for a family looking for a wholesome treat.

Kare-kare, can’t help it but eat it with rice!


Choobi Choobi

Get your hands dirty with delicious seafood shipped from Cebu! An order of Stan’s Black Pepper Shrimp is a pound and about 18-20 pieces per serving which is enough for a group of friends to share or a family to enjoy. Indulge with it for only P440.

You should also try the “Choobi Bay” the shrimp, crab and corn plastic bucket and pair it with their famous snow pea sprouts.

Stan’s Black Pepper Shrimp. This is it!


Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

Have you been served with a 12-inches fried chicken? It’s bigger than your phone or even your hand! To finish this Taiwan-originated fried chicken will be a challenge but if you can’t, call two more friends to help you!

Barbecue chicken with a style! No, you can’t eat it alone.

Hot Star also has chicken dishes adapted for the local market such as the Chiken Lumpia and some other value meals.

Tokyo Joe

Visit Tokyo Joe if you’re looking for Japanese food that is fast and easy and light on the budget. Can’t resist the teriyaki flavor? Try their chicken! For meat lovers, Katsu bowl will satisfy you!

Chicken Teriyaki. One bowl is not enough! For beef lovers, this is for you! Katsu bowl for those who loves pork. Serve it best with Maki.


The Wicked Waffle

Who doesn’t love a good waffle dish? Something quite delectably wicked – their Chunkee Monkey is a piece of heaven. Don’t forget to share because of their big servings!

Real wicked – Chunkee Money!


Ramen Cool

Cool as Japan and colorful as a roll of sushi, if salmon is your fave, then salmon variety is their specialty. But you have gotta try their ramen too. Rcool ramen is as pretty as it is delicious with its unique Shuyo and Miso-based soup.

Got a full stomach because of this Rcoooooool Ramen.


Red Table

Koreans are not just famous for their koreanovelas and movies, they are known for their flavorsome food. The Samgyeopsal is a standard, the Gyoza is great and the kimchi is enough to make you “kilig”. Take your date here and savor a meal together.

Something meat, something veggie. Fresh veggie leaf, freshly cooked meat.


Big Daddy’s

Once in a while, when your day is good or just when you feel like it, treat yourself a steak. Big Daddy’s have it best! Also try their seafood penne, shrimp bucket, and pork ribs. For the big daddy appetite! Perfect for couples and families who want to get full.

Because pasta is always in demand.


B Street Bites

Freeway Nachos, country fried chicken, baby back ribs, fries and chocolate chip-cookie-covered ice cream, wow… just wow! All in a fun dining atmosphere that mimics the street where the cool can be found and where friends can hang out. Perfect for students because the food are affordable too!

Forget the diet, enjoy the nachos!


Mad for Pizza

Everyone loves pizza. Everyone. It’s really enough to make you mad. But if you want to take it where the year you were born thrives, take it here. The 80’s are a welcome place to enjoy 10 inches of 8 original pizza flavors and if that’s not enough, you can always create your own pizza you can share with classmates of colleagues. They also have the Danggit pasta which is must on your IG feed.

So much mad about you. Rice meal, you’ll be mad about it too. A dessert you can’t resist. A complete meal for your date or your family!


Ramen Kuroda

What millennial hasn’t had a craving for good ramen? It probably the dish that best defines this generation. It got everything all your flavors, all your ingredients and all your desires in one big bowl of noodle soup goodness. Tops are the Shiro Ramen, if you want a little something spicy, go for the Aka Ramen but their bestseller is the Kuro Ramen.

A dozen choices for the pickiest person. Take your pick and take a pic!

Only at the destination that has something for every generation, for friends and families, classmates and colleagues, lovers and lovers of all shapes and sizes. Celebrate your birthday, go on a date, treat your workmates or Sunday dinners with your loved ones at any given time, on any given day, and discover delicious destinations at SM City Manila.

To further appetize your taste, visit their official social media accounts to view the menu of all our #ManillenialEats.

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