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Where Are The Gentlemen?

What happened to Filipino men called maginoo? I haven’t seen them for so long now.

I remember when I was pregnant, I had few encounters with ungentle male passengers.

Riding in a crowded bus during rush hours is a challenge, especially for pregnant. But since I needed to go home as soon as possible, I have no choice but to pushed myself to the crowded bus.

I wish to have a comfortable seat inside the bus, unfortunately, nobody from sitting male passengers bother to give way. Ironically, on one incident, a woman gave her seat to me and I sat beside a man, who’s apparently was just faking his sleep.

And one worst situation was when I, a preggy me, gave way to an elder woman with a child since nobody from male passengers volunteered to offer the seat to the old lady. Tsk tsk tsk….

Yes, every one pays for their own fare and that they deserve to take an available seat. But I just don’t know how those ungentle men will feel if they’re on a situation that they are disabled or old enough and cannot stand long at a crowded public vehicle.

Considering yourself on the other’s feet will not do you harm.

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