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What’s New?: Johnson’s Cooling Bath

Both of my kids have sensitive skin. I need liquid soaps that will not harm their skin and will give them fresh feeling after taking a bath.

I use Cetaphil skin cleanser for my little son and Cetaphil anti-bacterial soap for my daughter. But honestly, I cannot sustain those products for long.

But when I discovered Johnsons and Johnsons’ Baby Cooling Bath liquid soap, my quest has finally concluded.

Through Nuffnang Philippines, J&J sent me their new products to try out. And indeed, it satisfied my kids. Both of them, 9-months and 4-years old, can use it.

It has mildly cool sensation and lasting fragrance. Baby Cooling Bath also has natural honeysuckle extracts that refreshes skin. And I believe it is much cheaper that the soap I used before.

I am humbled to know that I am one of the first few who tried Johnson’s Baby Cooling Bath.

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