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Wanna Lose Weight? Pay Yourself!

Naturally, after giving birth, a woman gained weight. Sometimes, you might tried to go on a diet and controlled eating, but most likely you’ll failed because good food are really tempting and exercising is too tiring!

Now, I am aiming to lose more pounds and get back in shape (of course, I am not dreaming of recovering a voluptuous body which I had when I was single!).

However, I cannot do heavy or extreme exercises yet since I only gave birth through Cesarean operation last November 23. I am longing to practice boxing again.

I was advice to do at least 15 to 20 minutes walking and simple exercises everyday but I have many excuses not to follow.

I thought of some inspirations to push me to start exercising regularly. But they are not enough to motivate me. I still don’t exercise and I eat whatever I crave for!

And then, I stumbled on an article about a research done by Dr. Kevin Volpp from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and his colleagues. Their study showed that dieting is easier when there’s cash on the line! Whoola!

They looked at two kinds of incentives– one was a lottery-based scheme where participants could collect winnings only if they met their weight-loss target. And the other was a deposit contract where participants lost their own money if they failed to reach their goals.

In both cases, the financial incentive helped dieters stick to their regimes and lose more weight.

Here’s how to do it: Put aside $6 a day (or depends on your budget) for a month and at the end you’ll have $180. If you’ve lost weight, you can spend the money, otherwise, give it to charity.

I might try this! Wish me luck!

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