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Wake Up To Better, Brighter Tomorrows With Uratex!

Many people face struggle in sleeping better and waking up feeling light. Especially for those who are working in night shift, this situation holds true and dear.

Even before the influx of call centers, working while the rest of the world is sleeping is the daily reality of the medical community, security personnel, law enforcement professionals and media entities, among countless others whose jobs are at rotating or irregular shifts.

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Having erratic schedules, people who work non-traditional hours could suffer from “shift work sleep disorders,” which could lead to absenteeism and potential health problems. The sleep-deprived can become more irritable or less focused, depressed or grumpy.

Uratex – The Sleep Specialist recommends that shift workers should avoid bright light as they head home from work. Wearing dark glasses can also reduce exposure to the sun or too much light. Once home, the shift workers should darken the bedroom with heavy curtains to block out light so they could have fresh start for the day after a restful sleep.

As the “Provider of Good Sleep,” Uratex promotes better sleep in the Philippines under the Ganda ng Gising campaign, which embodies the benefits of good sleep to inspire Filipinos and lets us imbibe the value of good sleep so we could wake up happier and ready for the day—or night– and the world.

“Wake up to better, brighter tomorrows with Uratex because you can do more and be more with good sleep,” urges Cherry Wong-Tan, Uratex Marketing Director. “Uratex brings new innovation and research-based technology through better sleep solutions and products to its consumers.”

The Uratex Orthocare Biorytmic mattress, for example, has an Orthofirm® foam for exceptional back support, fitting for those who do back-breaking work. It has an advanced Orthofirm® foam topper for better air ventilation. It is also Sanitized®. It has advanced sleep technology using rejuvenating minerals responsible for restoring energy and regulating the body’s biorhythm. This mattress reduces stress while giving you better balance and concentration.

The effects of Biorytmic Sleep mattress ticking on stress during and after sleep have been traced with the EDA (Electrodermal Activity) method. The EDA method has confirmed the efficacy of this fabric in reducing stress and starting the day–or night– stress -free resulting in 27% stress reduction.

The Sensory Memory Ultima Plus mattress, meanwhile, has cooling technology that helps you fall asleep faster, a luxury that daytime sleepers will surely appreciate. It has Hydragel® memory foam that absorbs heat. It has Cooler® knit cover for enhanced cooling effect. It is also proven to lower body temperature up to 2° C. Its Cooler mattress ticking provides a sense of cool that helps the body stay cool.

The Senso Memory Ultima Plus and Orthocare Biorytmic mattresses are part of The Sleep Revolution collection, which is the future of sleep. This line also includes Premium Touch Romance and Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh mattresses. It not only gives better sleep, but also responds to specific needs of different sleep problems Filipinos usually encounter.

Uratex Premium also offers innovative pillows equipped with the same sleep technologies to complement these mattresses. The core is made of supersoft molded foam built for plush comfort. The pillow comes in Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh, Orthocare Biorytmic and Premium Touch Romance. The Senso Memory Ultima Plus pillow’s core is made of Senso Memory with Hydrogel beads. Both mattresses and pillows are treated with Sanitized® that effectively protects against growth of bacteria, odor, mildew and dust mites.

(Photo credit to Uratex)


Sleep long and prosper, and wake up to better, brighter tomorrows with Uratex!

About Uratex Philippines

For more than 48 years, Uratex remains to be the country’s industry leader in manufacturing quality foams and mattresses that help everyone sleep better. As a commitment to excellence, it continues to innovate itself by using the latest technologies to deliver exceptional comfort and support in each mattress. For more information, visit www.uratex.com.ph or call the Consumer Hotline, 888-6500.

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