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The Tableware That Suits You

Ever thought of what kind of tableware you would need in your house or the designs that will suit your needs or occasions you could think of?

Melawares, one of the most trusted brands of tableware from CDC Manufacturing Corporation, understands the need for having enough tableware with different designs for people with discerning tastes.

Over the last 30 years, Melawares produced thousands of plates, bowls, trays, tumblers and other tableware products with designs to make sure you get the kind of tableware you need.

For those who are into cooking and making their masterpieces look more appetizing, Melawares has dining plates as small as 5.5 inches for dishes like siomai, tofu in garlic sauce and steamed veggies, or 10.5 inches for much bigger ones like meatloaves and fried dishes (chicken, pork chop, fish fillet, spring rolls) and many others.

But if you need something bigger for your crispy pata or steamed lapu-lapu, Melawares has the perfect serving plate for that—round, square, or rectangular—plus sauce dishes for special dips and condiments.

For dishes like nilaga, sinigang, kare-kare and other stews or soups, Melawares’ casserole sets complete with cover and serving spoon will appeal to you, plus deep dining dish sets or bowls of different shapes and sizes for your sumptuous soup recipes. And of course, Melawares has all kinds of saucers for those delectable desserts.

Your dining experience or parties can also now be more enjoyable with Melawares’ Round Series, Square Series and Diamond Series, all adorned with dainty floral designs for a night with the girls. For a more elegant style, meanwhile, try Melawares’ Wavy Series, but if you’re into more Oriental-themed meals, Melawares has the Japanese Collection with its very own sushi dish and yacht plate where special Oriental dishes are best served.

But if you are aiming for more sophistication, try Melawares’ Tapered and Plain Collection, which comes in vibrant colors or with a more neutral shade.

Whatever dish or occasion and theme, Melawares has the right kind of tableware you need.
At present, CDC Manufacturing Corporation has four brands aside from Melawares, its classic brand that carries high-quality melamine tableware products. 
There is also Bestware, Urban Kitchen, and Perfect Dining. It is also the leading manufacturer of customized dinnerware for Quick Service Restaurants serving some of the biggest names in the food industry.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Disclaimer: This post is the official Press Release by Melawares. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.

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