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Technical Paper Evaluation

Philippines: Poverty Assessment

Volume 1 / Volume 2

Empowerment of the people requires the fair and predictable application of the rule of law so that public officials are held accountable for their actions. But creating public institutions that are responsive to the needs of the poor is ultimately about the ability of the poor themselves to influence policy and hold public institutions accountable. Poverty as material and human deprivation is closely correlate with voicelessness.

No. of words: 66
No. of sentences: 3
Average sentence length: 22
No. of difficult words: 14
Fog Index: 14.4

In evaluating the passage above from technical paper on Poverty Assessment study, it has an average sentence length of 22. Based on the Reading Skills Range, the passage is in between Standard and Fairly Difficult.

There are 14 words that are found to be difficult. These includes:

  1. empowerment
  2. predictable
  3. accountable
  4. creating
  5. institutions
  6. responsive
  7. ultimately
  8. ability
  9. influence
  10. policy
  11. poverty
  12. material
  13. deprivation
  14. correlated

And by using the readability formula of Gunning Fox Index, the result is 14.4 . In interpreting it using Fox Index Table, the technical paper is Difficult to understand.

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