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A Run On Clouds Experience? Now, Possible!

I used to be an active and outdoor person. Name it — bowling, swimming, white water rafting, shooting, boating, paintball, mountain climbing, trekking and especially running!

I started running after I graduated in college in 2000. I was inspired by my colleagues who are into running and really gets fit and healthy.

I’ve got a number of size 6 running shoes and they all ripped and gone. They all surrended with my active outdoor life! And I lay-low from running after I gave birth in the 3rd quarter of year 2007. And I got bigger and bigger now!

I needed help and I found the answer! I want to try this new running shoes arriving in the Philippines! At first sight of it, I got excited and inspired to run again.

On Running offers shoe products that could make you feel that you’re running on clouds! It has 13 circular rubber elements which stimulate the body to reach its optimal performance state. Unlike the rubber shoes I have now which make my muscles cry.

And the irresistible Pink Cloud Surfer shoes– seems to be daring me to run light and faster!

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