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Radio Magazine Show: TRAPIK


Portfolio 2: Communicating  Through Radio Broadcast


A. Development-Oriented Radio Magazine Program



The radio program, TRAPIK, focuses on the issues, concerns and developments in the Philippine transport and traffic system.

A study by National Center for Transportation Studies (NCTS) of the University of the Philippines showed that in 2011, they have estimated an enormous P137.5 billion lost in Metro Manila alone, due to massive traffic congestion. Also, Brian Galagnara, president of The Red (Respect Equals Discipline) Advocates, pointed out that “direct losses are attributed to wasted gasoline, lost labor hours, employment of traffic aides, and wasted electricity; the indirect losses refer to withdrawal of potential foreign investments, missed business opportunities, and reduced capital inflow.” The economic backlash of the problem in our traffic system should not be ignored because it can have some domino effects.

Moreover, the recent series of accidents (which claimed too many lives and lost of properties already) happened not only in Metro Manila but also in provinces should caused alarm to all.

Another point of concern is the increasing rate of crimes happening inside public utility vehicles like snatching and hold-ups victimizing innocent and ordinary people.

The radio show, TRAPIK, can be a venue to a more aggressive, focused and widespread information campaign and in understanding the traffic problems in the country. It will be opening its floor to suggestions of possible solutions by the listening public and optimistically can be acted on by the concerned government and law enforcement agencies.


The target listeners are the General Public, or groups of individual people like students, employees or workers, households, among others.

The entire public were greatly affected by traffic congestion, accidents and crimes, directly or indirectly. Everyone, even the younger generations, should learn that practicing discipline and respect in the traffic rules and minding road safety could save their hard-earned money and especially their own lives.

AIRING SCHEDULE: Mondays to Fridays, 5:00 am to 6:00 am

Highlighting the importance of road safety and traffic discipline for motorists and commuting public, the program airing will be on prime time and on weekdays in a national radio station.

Previous listenership studies showed that most of the households tuned in to radio (AM band in particular) as early as 4:00 o’clock in the morning for newscasts and other developments, and so placing the radio program at 5:00 to 6:00 o’clock in the morning is an advantage to make sure that it catches more audiences, especially those who are preparing to go to work and school.

The radio show will run for 60-minutes only but will be full of practical ideas and other information.


To introduce the program, TRAPIK, we will use a 60-second plug/spot which will be aired at least thrice in any time of the day in a national radio station.

Posters will be distributed to strategic public places, upon securing permits, and  in some government offices.

The power of social media, like Facebook and Twitter will be utilized to reach and encourage more audience to patronized the radio show which can be heard live via online streaming too.


The popularity and the acceptance of the general public to the radio show, TRAPIK, could be measured and evaluated through the rate of audience participation on a daily basis, numbers of validated feedback via short messaging service (sms), emails and social media networks, and the survey tools.

The impact and effectiveness of the radio program can be measured through surveys; the recognition and cooperation of more non-government organizations and civic groups with the same advocacy; and the government’s support in terms of actions on problems and concerns presented in the radio show.


B. Topic for the Maiden Broadcast

TOPIC: May Katapusan Ba Ang Pahirap Na Trapik?


C. Radio Spot / Plug

D. Musical Piece / Bed

The song, Grabeng Traffic by Willie Nepomuceno, will be the signature bed of the radio show, TRAPIK. The song expresses the reality of traffic situation in the Philippines and the experiences of most motorists, especially in Metro Manila thus sends a strong message to the concerned government agencies and the public to act and impose reforms.

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