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Pestered By Mobile Network Spammers!

They won’t stop. Every day, I received text messages and calls offering cash loans, discounts and other deals.
These unwanted messages and calls on both of my mobile numbers hit a nerve!

Imagine, you are resting and you cannot silent the phones because emergency comes in surprise. Then suddenly, you heard it ringing and answered it only to be stunned by a stranger on the other line asking if you can avail a salary loan.

I am just wondering if the telecommunication companies are giving out numbers, especially of those who are post paid subscribers.

Pardon me but I need to publish here some of those numbers who keep on bothering with their offers every day. Will definitely update this list when I received new numbers from unwanted senders.

1. 0935 2042988
2. 0935 8819010
3. 0917 8221000
4. 0949 1611826
5. 0917 4807519
6. 0906 1294782

Not just from bank or credit agents, even group buying sites pestering my phones like Wowdeals dot ph and Citypoynt dot com. I can’t remember subscribing to them and they have my very personal number!

Unfortunately, people could not rely on the help of National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to halt this scheme and abuse on communications technology.

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