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On Feature: Evercool – A Local Brand with a Global Reach

Made in the Philippines. Loved everywhere.

It’s unusual to ascribe such a glowing description to a car part, but Evercool, the country’s leading name in radiator products, continues to succeed in a way that makes it shine in different corners of the world.

Launched in 1993 by Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corporation (Roberts AIPMC), Evercool represents a diverse and hugely popular line of high-quality automotive and industrial radiators. Each is designed to enhance engine performance and maximize cooling efficiency in a wide variety of machinery and applications such as cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, agricultural and industrial equipment, even computers and power plants.

Says Mike Gonzalez, General Manager of Roberts AIPMC: “We pride ourselves in our ability to adapt based on client requirements, and our Evercool line of radiators is a reflection of that ability.”

Roberts AIPMC has already been conferred numerous awards of excellence by major car manufacturers, all of whom have come to recognize and appreciate the hallmarks of each Evercool radiator: leading-edge design, rock-solid durability, tried-and-tested reliability, and world-class quality. In 2006, the company introduced the Evercool Flat Fin Radiator, designed for use on heavy industrial or agricultural equipment and large generators. The new product marked yet another milestone and served to demonstrate once more Roberts AIPMC’s commitment to meet and surpass all kinds of customer needs.

A local brand with a global reach

In less than two decades, the company has established Evercool as a local brand with a truly global reach. Apart from supplying radiators to customer segments nationwide, the company also participates actively in the international market, exporting Evercool to a rapidly growing overseas clientele. Among the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) assemblers that have given the Evercool brand nods of approval and acclaim are Mitsubishi Motors Philippines, Isuzu Philippines, Columbian Motors and Pilipinas Hino.

“Our production of OEM-quality radiators allows us to distinguish ourselves from the competition,” says Gonzalez. “It is also the reason why OEM companies like Mitsubishi and Isuzu, among others, continue to rely on the performance of Evercool, a local product that we’re proud to say has transcended geographic borders.”

Key to this international success is the global quality standard with which every radiator is built, as well as the management process under which everyone at Roberts AIPMC works and operates. The company develops all its products in a 1,300-sq.m. manufacturing plant at the Canlubang Industrial Estate in Cabuyao, Laguna—treating quality as its currency at all times. By following an ISO 9001:2008-certified quality management system, using JIS-compliant (Japanese International Standard) materials, and subjecting each radiator to rigid quality and durability tests, Roberts AIPMC is thus able to churn out of its sprawling plant consistent, world-class quality radiators at an impressive rate of approximately 13,000 units per month.

The Evercool catalog now features 350 models of radiators, but one can well expect this to continually grow.

“Our facility is equipped for and capable of future expansion,” says Gonzalez. “Our mission now is to develop our most important resources—our people—so that we can maintain our industry leadership and position ourselves for even bigger growth.”

For more details about Roberts Automotive and Industrial Parts Manufacturing Corp., visit www.roberts.com.ph.

Disclaimer: This post is an official Press Release by Roberts. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.

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