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OFF Lotion’s Top Moms Tea Party

The leading anti-mosquito lotion, OFF lotion, recently had its tea party for mommy bloggers who were encouraged to become members of the soon to be launched TopMoms.net website.
From that site, mothers can learn a lot about this rewarding journey of being a parent. Also, they provide useful tips on enriching life not just as a mom but also as a woman.
Top Moms like a psychiatrist, Dr. Anna Vazquez and pediatrician Dr. Empress Carlos-Villapando will soon be sharing advice through their blog posts and would appreciate answering inquiries from community members in relation to their field.
See the people behind Top Moms.
The event was hosted by Nuffnang Philippines, and they are very wise in accommodating the kids in another room to do arts and crafts and story telling while the program is in progress.

Soon, moms will have another site to explore, share their thoughts and experiences and a tool to meet more parents.

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  1. which reminds me, i have yet to do my post!hehe! sis i love our photo, can you send me a copy through email? much appreciated, thanks ^_^

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