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Long Wait and Wasted Time No More With Teleserv

Waiting on a long line of applicants for an authentic copy of birth certificate is a monstrous experience for me. In this time that summer really heats up, I don’t know if I can patiently stand there. Good thing Teleserv is there to provide the world-class service of delivering copies of official documents I needed from the National Statistics Office.

I believe it is the smartest way of getting copies of papers you need. Think about it, by just calling their hotline or online chat and paying them through bank or online, you can have your birth certificates, marriage certificates, CENOMAR or certificate of no marriage or death certificates delivered at your doorstep. No stressful long lines and it saved you time, money and effort.

Teleserv also manages the DFA passport appointment system and the POEA Balik-Manggagawa OEC Delivery.

I can credibly tell you that their service is great. I tried them many times.

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