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Leaflet Evaluation

The design of the leaflet released by Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) and Department of Health (DOH) conveyed a good purpose of informing the public of the coverages of their services for the members and how to fully avail the benefits. The texts in the cover carry a message which is related to the information presented inside the leaflet. It clearly states the objective and what its target audience needs to know. The cover is eye catching as it uses font style and font size that can be easily read even by elderly.

Moreover, the design is simple that it only has a collage of three photos in the cover which is not placed across folds of the leaflet. The illustrations, which is in the lower half of the cover, simply show the benefits of any member can avail in the program. The use of 3 relevant images in a collage make it more for the readers to easily understand the benefits even without reading throughout the information inside the leaflet.

The leaflet also presented a unified design by putting a clear text near the illustrations about the message that they want to deliver. It practically tried to avoid wrapping and instead layout each headline and information as a complete unit. It doesn’t have jumps which may confused the reader.

The design can be considered also as balanced but not too balanced in using a touch of white and light brown in the page thus avoiding monotony. The color is aligned with the theme of the agency itself.

To break the monotony of using texts only in the second and third folds of the leaflet, it uses bold fonts (and in contrast color) which emphasizes the key points. It uses fonts in headings and subheadings in bold and different sizes, emphasizing the key points. It uses numbers and bullets to set off the texts, making it more easy to read. It also have generous white spaces in between which help set off the important sections of the leaflet.

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