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Johnson’s Play Days Fun in Summer!

Kids can really feel the sizzling summer season. The moment that they went out of the air conditioned room or away from an electric fan, they are both sweaty all over their body and face.
Not only that they experience sticky sweaty feeling, it caused them to acquire prickly heat which is very uncomfortable. And worst, it could lead to pneumonia if not carefully supervised.
But with Johnson’s set of products against bungang araw (prickly heat), amoy araw (sun smell) and sweaty feeling, kids would enjoy the whole day playing without being irritated to heat!
Johnson’s made it so timely to launched its Play Days campaign!
They have a complete set of baby products that could keep your children fresh even they go playing all day!

Among them are the Baby Powder (Skin Protection, Cooling and Pink Blossoms), Baby Daily Sun Protection Lotion, Baby Bath (Peach and Cooling Bath), and Baby Cologne (Bounce and Slide).
So why now stop your active kids from doing activities that could give them new learning and fun? Let them enjoy their young lives.
Johnson’s also hosted a day of fun for kids in Market Market in Taguig City, with free application of their products.

And what is more exciting is the launching of their Play Days bus that will be traveling in different parts of Metro Manila to give children some fun!

Hop now and enjoy even if you’re under the sun playing!

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