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Jewelry Pieces for Men and Women

Jewelries are often used by women to accentuate their looks or to feel more beautiful. Women of wealth, power and beauty have always been adorned with fashionable jewelry pieces that fit their statures.

However, it is not just the women who are enamored by wearing jewelry. There are also men who have their own fetish for these precious stones and metals that adorn the body.

Classic jewelry pieces for women include earrings, necklace or locket, bracelet, ring, wristwatch, and anklet. Other pieces that women may have in their closets include a brooch, tiara, and a statement jewelry that is one of the “Fashion must haves” today.

On the other hand, there are only a few jewelry pieces that are typically worn by men like ring, wristwatch or pocket watch, cufflinks and bracelets.

One can also find unconventional jewelry pieces for those who have unusual tastes in wearing jewelry, and they are known as Body Jewelry.

Body piercing became a fad during the punk revolution and it still continues to have a following today. It is no longer uncommon to find young and old people with a tongue ring, nose ring, belly button ring or multiple studs on their ear lobes.

People may not agree on their taste or manner of wearing their jewelries but they all have equal rights to wear jewelry pieces any way they want.

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