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Inspecting Caballo Island for UN Peacekeepers’ Quarantine

Here’s a peak to Caballo Island where Filipino peacekeepers from Liberia will stay for 21-days as a part of mandatory quarantine due to Ebola virus’ worldwide threat.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines assured of the confortable stay of the soldiers who will be, in the meantime, not allowed to be with their families. These are all part of the efforts of the government to implement measures to prevent the spread of the disease, despite the earlier initial result of the screening that none of the Filipino soldiers is infected.

Air-conditioned Igloo


The tents are also air-conditioned.


Humble but spacious dining room.


Not one but few comfort room for more than 100 peacekeepers


An isolation room. Just in case someone will have a symptom.


Photo Credit: Naval Public Affairs Office, Philippine Navy

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