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“Having an erratic schedule and stressful assignments at work and loaded with Mom duties and a Masters student are not enough excuses to totally deprive yourself, Divine. Go get yourself a break, not once but twice a week!”

“Go get yourself a break, not once but twice a week!” — Yay! It is like a last song syndrome (LSS) to me and my Mom is really effective in making me realized how boring and abusive life I will be forced to live in if I failed to balanced it.

There are many ways to live a balanced life to prevent burnout which may led to unproductiveness. But this simple thing first — keeping yourself clean.

Cleanliness boost confidence, relationships and enjoyment of life, right? Cleanliness means living a healthy lifestyle and wellness. And so, twice a week I do body and facial scrubs. Yes, scrubbing twice a week is enough to keep a glowing and smoother skin. Not to mention I feel refreshed and clean after the routine. Either I do it myself at home or visit my favorite spa in Quezon City.

With the clean confidence, it’s like I will have the guts to face Alden Richards (oh, after he finally and really meet Yaya Dub *pabebe smile + pabebe wave*).

Imagine that killer smile. (Art created by Felix Cruz) Hello Betadine. (Art created by Felix Cruz)

And of course, to keep the intimate part fresh and clean, I use Betadine® Feminine Wash at least twice a week and every day during red days. Being sexy does not only means having a perfect vital statistics of 36-24-36 or a Marian Rivera-like face, and a witty mind. Claiming that I am sexy could be wrong if you consider my physique as a basis. But if I declare I am sexy because I am a long-time user of Betadine® Feminine Wash, confused not because today – Clean is the New Sexy.

A trusted brand, Betadine® Feminine Wash has effectively protects me against feminine discomfort thus makes me feel comfortable and confident, inside and out.

Why Betadine Feminine wash?

Protection is the key. Having an active lifestyle also attracts bacteria and viruses. The antiseptic formula of Betadine made me patronized it. Betadine Feminine wash does not only cleans but kills fungi, bacteria and protozoa that cause itchiness, discomfort and odors which if neglected will lead to infection.


Find out more about Betadine Feminine care at http://ph.betadine.com/en/ph/feminine-care.

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  1. Hey! I got curious when I read in my email feed about this post. I wonder what you do twice a week. Hahaha! Is it safe to use Betadine wash daily? I mean on normal days?

  2. I am a user too! In relation to Buffy’s question, I am not sure if I’m doing it right because I use Betadine wash more than twice a week even on my normal days. I hope it doesn’t have a bad effect. Good luck to you, Divine!

    1. Same thing with me, I use it more than twice a week but I don’t think it will have a negative effect as long as you rinse it within the prescribed seconds.

  3. Tama, balanced life! Ang cute ng smile nina Alden at Yaya Dub dito. Hihihi gumagamit din kaya si Yaya Dub ng Betadine? Haha

  4. As always, a fan of your posts. I never thought before that Betadine could make a feminine wash but it’s worth every woman’s penny for it. The protection is really great!

  5. Demure na demure ang pabebe wave natin diyan ah! I used Betadine Feminine Wash before too kaso while I was travelling, local brand lang nagamit ko doon.

  6. yes, a well-balanced life always does the trick! i have only tried this feminine wash when I gave birth, maybe i should start using it again during my red days!

    looks like you’ve also been bitten by the AlDub bug, I love that pabebe wave! ^_^

  7. Betadine was also my choice of feminine wash when i was still in ‘pinas.I love the fresh feeling it leaves me all day.

  8. I love your pabebe / yaya-dub wave hehehe! I love Betadine feminine wash, I used it when I just gave birth. Totally made me feel clean!

  9. I have been using Betadine feminine wash for a long time now. In my case, I use it once a week and daily during the red days. I find it also very effective to use after giving birth (normal delivery) as it heals the wound faster.

    1. Hello sis Joy, it was you who introduced to me Betadine feminine wash and I patronized it from then on. Thank you 🙂

  10. very timely! I meant using Al-Dub ! hehehe

    I do them 3x a week, i guess nothing’s wrong with that.. Makes me feel fresher and cleaner after each use..

  11. I used Betamine feminine wash noong nasa Pinas pa ako. It’s the first that seems to work well with my sensitive body. Betadine feminine wash leaves you feeling fresh and clean and a little bit goes a long way. A great alternatives to traditional soap and water and other harsh detergents.

  12. Sis!!! Ano yung pang scrub mo na gamit, I want one!!!! And korek ka, hindi dapat hadlang ang pagiging busy sa pagiging malinis!

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