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Christmas Gift Ideas

Only several days to go before Christmas!

Some of us already had early shopping, avoiding Christmas rush.

Others may still thinking about what to give as gifts to their family, friends and even on their God daughters and sons!

Well, gift giving, especially to kids, is not just for the sake of doing your obligation as a God parent. Beware of toys that are unknowingly toxic and cancerous for children. Would it be good if you share something that can be very useful and could contribute to child’s learning development?

Some of gift ideas could be minicube2 ebay which could encourage a child on problem solving and critical and constructive thinking! A mini play cube is suitable for children ages 3 and above.

Decorative bedding is also a nice gift idea particularly for a baby! It’s not just an ordinary bed cover because it could be hung on a wall as a display.

For toddlers and onwards who love puppet shows, why not give them curtains with wooden puppet theatre patterns? It could boost their creativity on putting up their own performance.

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