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Get Professional PR Help With GeiserMaclang

In any kind of business or industry, one cannot stand alone without partners. Like a new business without help of a promoting network would be somehow helpless.

Especially now that digital marketing is conquering the online world and the competition is much stronger.

Yes, you already have your brand manager, but would that be enough? I believe no. For your products to be much known in the OFFLINE and ONLINE markets, you need a professional Public Relations (PR) service.

That is what GeiserMaclang is offering and with utmost professionalism, and with guaranteed positive feedback.
GeiserMaclang is a transformative marketing company known for pioneering Social Marketing in the Philippines.

Vision: To be the preferred communications company, regionally.
Mission: Do well, do good.

To drive social value for our brands, clients and partners.
To promote ideas, initiatives and synergies that inspire excellence and
community good.
To empower team members to become the region’s top communication

Passion for Excellence- Having clarity of purpose and being efficient,
innovative and transformative.
Commitment- Accountability to clients, team members and the community.
Proactivity- Initiate, don’t wait.
Respect – Valuing oneself and others.
Optimism– Never losing sight of the bigger picture, regardless of circumstance.
Fulfillment – People finding joy in themselves and in what they do.
Integrity- Having the right character, walking the talk.
Teamwork- Working effectively with others to achieve a common good.

Know more of GeiserMaclang’s strategies and events, connect to them on Facebook and Twitter.

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