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Finding A Trusted Maid

How far can you trust your house helpers?

There are those who lives with their employers for long years, almost they become a part of the family. But some would abuse, robbed, kidnapped the children and worst, killed the family.

In particular to mention, Anamae Livrando, also dubbed as Poison Ivy, who was convicted of poisoning and robbing at least 10 families in Manila and Quezon City she worked for as a maid. She recently escaped from the Women’s correctional facility.

Call DILG hotline 117 or Bureau of Corrections hotline 5321726 if you have seen this convicted maid.

Your family can avoid disastrous experience with maids by being careful in hiring them and a must do background checking.

1. You may rely on the recommendation of your family members or most trusted friends before hiring a maid. Also, find a duly accredited agency which can help you employ trustworthy house helper.

2. Require the potential maid to present valid IDs, National Bureau of Investigation clearance or police clearance to make sure that she/he has no criminal records.

3. Brief your potential maid on the salary rate. The compensation should be fair with their future tasks. You can give some benefits to keep your maid loyal and trustworthy to you. In the Philippines, the salary range for maids is between P3,000 to P5,000, depending on the kind of work that they are required to fulfill.

4. You don’t have to be a paranoid but at least, check your maid’s activities from time to time. You may ask if she/he has some concerns at your house or having problems in her/his own family. This is important because you would know if your maid is still emotionally or mentally able to do her/his job. If not, give her/him a little break.

5. Treat her/him as a family. Yes, this is the right thing to do, although house helpers are strangers. But of course, remember your limitations. Trusting too much is not helpful.

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