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Dunk, Sip, Crunch, and Then Repeat the Healthy Beat

There are many ways to enjoy our food while eating it, and we Filipinos have been creative in making our very own classic cuisines more interesting and appetizing.

(photo credit to McVitie’s)

No matter how intricate or simple it is, we can always think of things how to make our food mouth-watering to eat – even with the simplest of treats, like biscuits. Though we have become more creative in eating our biscuits, going back to the classic way of enjoying biscuits never gets old.

First, there is one move that everyone wants to see when it comes to biscuit snack-time. Dunking your favorite biscuit into a glass of warm milk, coffee, and tea makes the biscuit even tastier as its crunchiness melts inside your mouth. If dunking it into hot drinks is not your “cup of tea”, you can always enjoy the biscuit’s flavor just by letting it melt in your mouth and “sipping” that mashed bits down to your throat.

Putting our teeth to work, grinding every bit of the biscuit is another classic way of gulping it down your tummies. Savoring a crumbly bit of biscuit, and indulging its flavor in your mouth while you chew, is of course one of the best ways to enjoy your snack.

It becomes more enjoyable if your biscuits have healthy ingredients and help your body get into good shape. McVitie’s Digestives is one of the few biscuits that can provide proper nutrition while you are enjoying a fun snack.

McVitie’s is a brand of biscuit that has been enjoyed by many countries around the world, including the Philippines. With its sweet and savory taste, McVitie’s has been a perfect snack match with most of our favorite hot beverages and cold drinks alike.

No matter how you want to enjoy your biscuit snack, make sure that you have the healthy option that comes with McVitie’s Digestives. So, go on and dunk, sip, and crunch those digestives, and then repeat the healthy beat.

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