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Comprehensive Auto Insurance Equals Peace Of Mind

The recently devastating typhoon flooded the Metropolis had caused many lives and destroyed billion worth of properties in the country.

Many cars if not floated, were drowned in the flood and unfortunately, one of them is our own car.

It was a nightmare experience but the good thing is, we have a comprehensive auto insurance which also covers the item “forces of nature”. We had  a fair amount of savings because of that guarantee.

A year after the tragedy, another unfortunate event happened when our car was accidentally hit by a trailer truck. We are all safe but the left door at the back seat was greatly damaged. Since the offending party cannot shoulder the costly expenses of a car repair, our insurance handled it after submitting to them a police report as their basic requirement.

I can’t imagine the big headache if we don’t have auto insurance. It is like letting yourself be robbed by lawless elements, caught unaware and helpless especially if you need to use a vehicle but lacking funds to have it repaired as soon as possible.

Some people will just be contented on cheaper insurance but they didn’t know that acquiring a comprehensive auto insurance is a worthy investment that car owners must not take for granted.

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