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Christmas Feast With A Healthy Twist

Sharing a sumptuous meal this Christmas with friends, family and loved ones is probably one of the most awaited occasions throughout the year. Everyone stops at nothing to get hold of the most delicious food prepared just for the Yuletide season.

Special family recipes are taken out from the old cookbook passed on for generations. Thick slices of meat like ham, meatloaf, and other mouth-watering roasted fowl and livestock usually take center stage at every banquet for everyone to see. The sweetest desserts, meanwhile, cap off the evening of joyous celebrations.

(photo credit to McVitie’s)

Sharing a good meal with your loved ones is most definitely one of the most heart-warming moments in your life. But holding a reunion with them, especially if you have not seen them for a long time, could also be a better thought to have this Christmas. Many people forget to moderate the amount of the “good stuff” they eat during these celebrations. Though we wouldn’t want to take away the ‘sinful’ meals, it’s best to give your Yuletide menu a bit of a healthy twist by introducing McVitie’s Digestives biscuits to your Christmas food fare.

Unlike other biscuits, McVitie’s Digestives has fewer calories, less fructose corn syrup, no artificial ingredients, zero cholesterol and transfats. And what makes it healthier is that it has more fiber which helps in proper digestion – something that is much needed during this season. With McVitie’s Digestives, everyone can still enjoy feasting on the most delicious meals prepared by the whole family.

As soon as everyone checks in after a long drive, serve them with McVitie’s Original or Wholewheat Digestives so that they can have something to chew on while chatting with a sorely missed relative or while waiting for the meals to be served. This would also prepare their tummies to a night of endless delectable treats from the kitchen.

Another healthy idea is to make a dessert out of McVitie’s Digestives. Crushed McVitie’s makes a perfect crust to your cheesecake or crema de fruta refrigerated cake so that everyone can enjoy desserts minus the guilt. McVitie’s Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocoloate Digestives are also perfect for desserts and it goes well with tea or coffee, after having your tummy stuffed with a lot with Christmas goodness.

(photo credit to McVitie’s)

And if you’re up for an even unique meal idea, you could use crushed McVitie’s to give your meatloaf a robust body but with a healthy twist. Meals that need bread crumbs to add color and flavor to your dish could also be spiced up by using McVitie’s as a substitute.

Eating plenty during the Christmas season has been a “valid” excuse for most to get more of the good stuff, but eating healthy doesn’t need any excuses just to have some more of it. This joyous season, appreciating every sumptuous meal is not a problem, for as long as it is done in moderation and by eating more healthy food options.

For more about McVitie’s Digestives, visit www.mcvities.com or find them on Facebook. Distributed in the Philippines by Delfi Marketing Inc., McVitie’s is available nationwide in leading supermarkets.

Disclaimer: This post is the official Press Release by McVitie’s. The author of this blog is not responsible to any of the content above.

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