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Are You One Of The Rudest Nationalities In The World?

People in France are considered as the rudest in the world. Followed by Russia and United Kingdom, according to the poll conducted by Skyscanner.

With 19 percent of the votes, French have long been known for their abrupt and curt nature, especially when dealing with foreign tourists. Russia got 17 percent and 10 percent for UK.

Skyscanner said Russians can be more direct when talking, which may be misconstrued as being rude. However this is more a difference in culture than genuine rudeness. It can be attributed to the Russian language, which is not as polite as English.

Meanwhile, the least are Brazilians followed by the Caribbean islands and the Filipinos.

World’s rudest nationalities:

1. French 19.2%

2. Russian 16.6%

3. British 10.4%

4. German 9.9%

5. Chinese 4.3%

6. American 3.3%

7. Spanish 3.1%

8. Italian 2.3%

9. Polish 2.2%

10. Turkish 2.1%

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