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Aijonomoto’s Smile Earth: A Productive Day Of Clean-Up

Some firms and corporations indeed acted on their social and environmental responsibilities.
This was proved by Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) as their around 100 employees participated in an annual voluntary activity called “Smile Earth! Clean Up our Earth Together Day”.
The activity was very productive as the employees de-cluttered open gutters and canals, picked up trash from plant boxes and open areas, and segregated collected garbage in select areas along Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue and Jupiter Street in Makati City.
The group has collected 97 kilos of trash and has inspired its surrounding community to carry on regular cleaning and maintenance of the busy streets.

“We all rely on nature for our basic needs and we believe that through this clean-up activity our company can inspire change and contribute greatly in caring for the environment,” APC President Taro Fujie said.
“The outcome of what we do goes beyond the number of bags and kilos of garbage we collect. It teaches and reminds everyone the proper way of waste segregation and more importantly, the discipline to always keep our surroundings clean and healthy.” said Mr. Rodel Castro from APC’s IT Department. Mr. Castro has annually participated in this event since 2008.
Ajinomoto Group’s Smile Earth! Program is a global campaign that unifies around 30,000 Ajinomoto Group employees worldwide in addressing environmental issues for the betterment of their respective local communities and the society.

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