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A Joy in Every Moment

The love for celebrations is very evident in the culture and traditions of Filipinos. While every town, big or small, has its own fiestas, most often we look for grand reasons to celebrate so that we can get together with important people in our lives.

But we don’t always need grandiose events to gather and celebrate. We can find reasons to be joyful even in everyday things.

A completed task at work that made the boss very happy and excited you to come home and share the good story with your spouse, being early in an important presentation and nailing the clients’ nod, a first time to cook a challenging dish that your spouse loves for dinner just to surprise him/her, or being able to fix a broken part of the house that’s been bugging everyone, may be little successes to some but are clearly moments of joy.

We shouldn’t miss out on these little sources of bliss. Each moment, big or small, can definitely be celebrated with loved ones and friends over chitchat and good food. But you can also make these moments more joyful over a bottle of wine.

A local distillery brings a perfect partner to these joyful moments. “We sometimes take for granted the little things that are sources of real joy. If we pay attention and celebrate every moment of joy, pretty sure we will be happier. This is why we are bringing a perfect partner that will make these seemingly normal parts of routine be more memorable,” shares Von de Torres, Managing Director for International Brands of Emperador Distillers.

She adds that the presence of wine makes little things appear to be extra special. “It has always been a symbol of celebration. Not to mention it also symbolizes joy which is why it is just perfect to have wine in celebrating moments of joy.”

Emperador Distillers brings Rossi Sweet Red, a sweet red wine crafted from grapes grown in California’s sun-drenched vineyards and bursting with flavor and aroma, for your cheers to good times. It has layers of vanilla, bright cherry, and wild raspberry flavor creating a different kind of sweetness.

While any wine could symbolize celebration and joy, Rossi Sweet Red is said to give a different experience—it is recommended to be consumed on-the-rocks. “Rossi Sweet Red is best enjoyed with ice.

The ice brings out the flavor and makes for a smoother finish. It doesn’t compromise the taste and actually makes it even better.Even if the ice melts, the taste stays perfect—you can savor all the sweetness and real wine flavor,” she assures.

The manner of consumption—cool and casual—plus its real sweet red wine make Rossi Sweet Red perfect for any type of food. It can be paired with grilled meat and fish, and even pasta. When having snacks, it can replace the usual soda or iced tea.

Regular drinks are for regular days. But when something special happens—no matter the size or significance—it’s always better to go with a drink that fits the occasion: Rossi Sweet Red.

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