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1,001 Reasons Why You Should Drop Your Old Telephone NOW!

Do you still own a vintage landline telephone?
Congratulations to your rare collection! But if you were offered to get a landline with a tablet, would you consider changing your current unit?

Of course, you should! Only PLDT has created such great innovation, proving to be the master of modernizing communication system thus making lives easy for most people in the nation and around the globe.
And I bet you cannot ignore the 1,001 reasons why you should patronize PLDT T-E-L-P-A-D!
Transact at Home >>
You do not need to leave your house to pay bills! By just using your Telpad, you can be able to complete the transactions to your PLDT and Meralco bills online! This will also means avoiding long lines and stress thus having more time to spend with your family! Making your life so easy!
Enriching Lives >>
Connect to the Internet and get access to a sea of information right at your fingertips. From Telpad, you can get various information:
> directories of contact information of establishments
> maps and navigation to locate a store or restaurant
> news feeds to keep you posted on relevant real-time news
Learning Tool  >>
With the Telpad’s exclusive application, TelMeHow – an educational online companion, a wide range of new things to learn can be accessed.
Be an expert on cooking, fashion, travel, photography, first aid, sports, music, language, fitness, and more! Just choose from any of their instructional videos, photos, links to websites and other supplementary content, learning is never this fun and efficient!
Productivity To The Fullest >>
Who says that great gadgets can be counter-productive? Definitely not Telpad! It can be a handy productivity-boosting tool! You can access your email or go to the File Manager to cut, copy, paste, delete and navigate through your content with ease. It also lets you create, edit, and save Microsoft Office documents on your tablet through Documents to Go, and share your favorite books, music, movies, games and apps with Google Play.
Accessibility and User-Friendliness >>
With PLDT Telpad, you can make and take calls, take notes while talking to someone, even talk to someone over the internet. You can also access your contact list, check call history, and have free call features like caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, speed dialing, and 3-way conference. Is it that great?!
Desirable Features For Entertainment >>
Telpad hosts numerous multimedia entertainment functions like playing games, watching movies on an LED device via HDMI cable, streaming music and videos, taking photos and videos, reading e-books, and downloading thousands of other free and paid applications. Have fun with your kids using those features!
Get it HOT!
Get a 1.5 Mbps Internet speed for Plan P1,849 and Plan P2,099 with a Telpad unit of only P2,000.
If you subscribe to Plan P3,095 or Plan P4,100, you’ll enjoy an Internet speed of 5.5 mbps, and get the unit for FREE!

* Each plan is bundled with unlimited local calls and high-speed PLDT MyDSL  broadband connection.

So what are you waiting for?? Experience the EVOLUTION! UPGRADE NOW!!

VOTE and WIN!!
This is my official entry to PLDT Telpad Blogger’s Challenge. Vote for my humble article and you might also have a chance to be one of the WINNERS of a 16Gb Micro SD!! Thank you so much!

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  1. The only problem I see is that my boys would use the tablet all day long and I won't be able to use the phone!

  2. The telepad is interesting. Now, I'm thinking if I should upgrade my PLDT DSL for this. I think we still have the phone with dials at home in Baguio though we don't use it anymore.

  3. We have this in our home, and I must say that this is very useful because it's like all you need is there! Communications are getting stronger because of the fast connection and also have games so that you and your family have bonding moments with each other! Worth it! 😉

  4. Hmm.. those old telephones are already collectors' items. Haha! i don't think, they would still work with our digital world. I got myself the telpad also and currently enjoying it.

  5. Wow! with all the features that I've read, does PLDT Telpad reeaallly exist? It's like all gadgets rolled into one and the features are all unimaginable. Brilliant idea coming from brilliant company! 🙂

  6. Antique and old vintage telephones are used as decoration in some of the houses I visited. PLDT is changing the way we communicate. The one thing we can count on in the future is continual technological change powered by our very own PLDT.

  7. wow! you are 101% right about that. i should tell this to my mother. hehe. i love the tel pad. first i thought it would cost too much changing to these. but its not. it's so worthy.

  8. This can actually be a great gadget to own. But I'm going to have to skip on this one for now since we rarely use our landline these days. And it's also a good exercise for us when paying our bills, as we only need to walk to the nearest PLDT center. 🙂

  9. It's amazing how communication evolves, and it's also amazing how the tools to convey digital communication evolved .

  10. very enlightening post… i should convince hubby to get a telpad now 🙂 thanks for this will show this post to him ♥

  11. all in one gadget. awesome indeed. but vintage is way more better to have/collect. if im going to choose, i will still go to vintage items.

  12. I've never heard of PDLT. The telepad is cool, I'd like one of those for sure! Oh and we still have a landline haha. Thanks for the info!

  13. vintage phones or antiques are good collection ,it means money but of course in this day and time ,we want to have the latest telephone services. this new innovations makes our lives easier.

  14. telpad? how advance technology is and how innovative are the marketing strategies now. =) But I have a love affair with Vintage telephones, i guess I cannot bear to disconnect them =)

  15. Good luck t you! like this from PLDT I want to change our old phone into this also hope this will be available in our area soon.

  16. This gadget is really convincing. It's really a high-tech technology which upgrades your old telephones at home.

  17. Landline with a tablet??? I'll let my mom know about this so we could have our landline back home reinstalled. 😀

  18. told my friend to check this out. She too was amazed but was not that well informed about the features and benefits of PLDT Telpad. Now that she knows, one customer is more than willing to do the Upgrade now 🙂

  19. i've been contemplating on getting one but i'm just worried about the additional expense. but for a products as fab as this, i think the monthly bill is immaterial! 😉

  20. The Telpad has rendered the classic ringer phone completely obsolete. I applied for one a few months ago but due to developer contract restrictions, my current condo isn't allowed to install PLDT. Boohoo! 🙁

    Oh, and good luck!

  21. I will be kidding myself if I say I don't like the telpad but if I can have my way (stubborn) I still would like to keep just one old-model phone in the house for aesthetic purposes. 🙂

  22. i think these vintage phone isn't compatible to the present facilities… by the way, good features pldt. Yahweh bless.

  23. We're really planning on getting one of these telpads. Just waiting for the lock-in period of our present service provider to expire. 🙂

  24. This is quite a reasonable package. PLDT never fails to give the best for its subscribers. Good luck on your entry.

  25. i really would like to avail the telpad yet my present budget cannot allow me for additional expenses, hope they could give bigger discounts to long time clients with good account/credit standings like us hehe.

    wishing you all the luck sis!

  26. well, it's really an awesome gadget. We'll wait for our current service provider's lock-in period to expire and then, maybe, we'll try this. 🙂

  27. I really really want to have this at home..i really need this PLDT Telepad..this very useful and super mag eenjoy mga kids ko on the pad also!

  28. If I am going to allow my imagination to soar high on this subject matter, I would like to see this Telpad integrated to my other appliances in the house. For example, it can be embedded in my future smart kitchen, so that I can get a real time update on a cooking instruction via phone. ~ http://the-urban-walker.blogspot.com

  29. this reminds me of our old telephones in the garage.i was thinking of donating them to GOODWILL store .We have the latest phone anyway.

  30. I had not ever heard of this before but it sounds awesome. I think it would be great for my elderly parents. I love that it has the learning tool to help learn everything it can do. Without the tool, my parents would never realize how much you actually could do on it. I hope I did the mandatory entires right, I was having a lot of problems getting them to post but I did share and put the link

  31. It sounds like a very interesting device. I got rid of my landline a long time ago and just use my cell phone.

  32. Wow, I would say that telecommunication companies are doing great innovation just to give us (consumer's) a great product and convenient to use!

  33. im a Pldt internet user for almost 2 years now but i cant afford to subscribe to telpad even though i really want too but im sure there is a lot of subscribers who also want it because of the use and also for us to save time especially paying bills u dont need to go out anymore thats cool and i like the learning tool easy access for eveyrthing i need to know wow hope i can have budget for telpad

  34. This product called Telpad sounds like a really good deal! I am going to look into it, and I think that this is something my family would like!

  35. If only PLDT is available here in Bukidnon I will really apply for a plan right away. Too bad wala kaming ISP na ganyan kabilis sana. Mas marami sana kita online!

  36. But I like the look of vintage phones! 🙂 Perhaps in my dream home I'll have that in a vintage room too! 🙂

  37. I love the look of vintage phones but of course, I wouldn't hesitate trading an old landline to a tablet pc. I'm all for progress and like you, I think the telpad is all about that – change and progress!

  38. wow i think i wanna get PLDT na, next year yan kunin ko when my plan expires, thank u for the info and good luck sis :))

  39. We used to be a PLDT subscriber at home and we've been meaning to go back to using their service! This upgrade makes me want to do that RIGHT ABOUT NOW!

  40. I have not had a landline phone for at least 3 years now. If I'd of had an offer like this back then I would have swooped it up in a minute. But now we are pretty set with what we have now. But that is definitely interesting, and I think I am gonna try to peek my grandmas interest in this program. We have been trying to get her more acquainted with her computer and the fact that you can still

  41. Have never heard of this before….need to read up on it even if I keep our land line only for emergencies!! Thanks!

  42. This sounds so great the Learning tool With the Telpad’s exclusive application, TelMeHow! I could look up so many things with this tool! I like so many of the features such as paying bills at home!

  43. This does look really great .. I have been going back and forth with disconnecting my land line …. but for some reason I just cannot let go … but this is very interesting !

  44. We don't have a land line, just cellphones. I am still nit crazy about not having a phone constantly available in the event that my cellphone dies or breaks. This is an interesting idea.

  45. Telpad's got a lot of features! Looking forward to have one. PLDT re-invents life & making it easier.

  46. Now I have a better grasp of understanding about Telpad. It's a much nicer way to connect to people anywhere, everywhere. 😉

  47. wish we could have one like that. phone that you can use to browse the net.. 🙁 too bad but we don't have a landline for almost 4 years now.. i miss the telebabad days..

  48. Now I'm interested to get a Telpad myself. Been hearing raves about this interesting piece of technology. 🙂

  49. It's funny seeing those old phones! My son is fascinated with them and I'm like uh they are what I grew up with! The Telpad seems like a great product. I'm sure it will be the next big thing for everyone to have!

  50. Grabe lang kung meron pang tinatago pa yang mga phones na super vintage na. Haha. Pero magandang collection din naman kasi yan. :))

    Di na talaga uso mga landline noh puro mobile phones na lang talaga. Pero yung telpad, astig. Tablet ang peg. :))


  51. It shows how far technology has gone through. I want to experience this evolution too but sadly PLDT landline is not available in our area. 🙁

  52. I am not really aware that there is such a technology like this. Telpad is worth to try. How I wish it will be available in the US. 😀

  53. Cute ng mga old phone … Heard about telpad in commercial and it looks really cool, will learn more about this new gadget.

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