Despite the fact that everyone knows that our body changes as we aged, still, it caught us surprised. And sometimes, we are in denial that we get older and the youthful glow of our body would hardly or no longer possible, even if we bite the expensive costs of cosmetic surgeries.

When we’re young, our body were so proudly healthy and fit. But as white hair begun to appear, the skin and muscles also started to sag and the layers of belly fats are waiving.  As our metabolism slows down, it causes our body to become looks mature.

See how physically fit I am years ago. I was 25 years old then, with 36B bra cup size, 25 inches waistline, and 36 inches hips. I do not worry about eating anything which satisfy my cravings. I was too active in sports like boxing and other outdoor activities.

sexy before

Shockingly, now in my early 30s, my belly fats are larger than my breasts and it’s  very obvious especially when I am sitting. Either my breasts sagged after giving birth twice or I totally lost body discipline at all or both! The hips grew larger than shoulders and the hips doubled its sizes.

fat d

This woman badly needs help, agree? But undergoing medical interventions is not an option for me. Well, aside from surgeries are too expensive, I am afraid of its complications.

Exercise and balanced diet are natural alternatives. It is a long process but achievable if there’s a political will. Where can I buy that “will” please?? And I keep on making excuses like being busy as a career woman and a mother! Poor lady!

I would admit, I need the help of Wacoal. Their line of intimate apparels are tested to make a woman regain its confidence, regardless of her age.

I have no doubt that their bras, high-waist skirt-type girdle, hipster or maxi panties, medium control powershape (which covers tummy, sides and back – a perfect TUMMY CONTROL!) are best answers to my current dilemma.



These are the perfect immediate lift and while I am working out to be fit again and trying to redeem my depleted self-confidence.

So why choose Wacoal against other brands? My simple answer is – quality and care.