The Relic of St. Clare has been traveling in different parts of the Philippines. It was the first time, in 800 years, that the relic of St. Clare have a pilgrimage in a place outside Italy. And it silently arrived in the country last February 21.

This is part of the propagation of the devotion to the patron of saint of navigators. Those who wants to have children are the most excited to touch, kiss or wipe the relic with cloth.


Who is St. Clare?

Born from a wealthy family, in Assisi, Italy on July 16, 1194, the venerated saint has seen, even in her early childhood, “the rarest of virtues”.

Her biographers said that St. Clare was most devoted to prayer and to the practices of mortification, had distaste for the world and yearned for a more spiritual life.

She entered the nunnery on March 20, 1212, leaving all the worldly inheritance that she could have received from her parents.

She had lived a pious and poor life, following the life of our Lord Jesus Christ, and died peacefully, before dawn of August 11, 1253.

St. Clare was made the patron saint for television by the late Pope Pius XII in 1958, on the basis that when she was too ill to attend Mass, she had reportedly been able to see and hear it on the wall of her room. She is also the patron of Europe and of many places in the Philippines.

If you’re in the Philippines, you can still see St. Clare’s relic. The itinerary are as follows:
Apr 9- Nueva Viscaya Cathedral / OSC Monastery at Aritao
Apr 10- Isabela Cathedral / OSC Monastery at Guibang
Apr 11- Tuguegarao Cathedral / OSC Monastery at Iguig
Apr 12- Fly to Poor Clare Monastery Laoag
Apr 13- Fly to Manila / Poor Clare Monastery Quezon City
Apr 14- Poor Clare Monastery, Quezon City
Apr 15- Fly to Leyte Cathedral /Poor Clare Capuchin, Ormoc City. The Poor Clares Monastery Naval can go to Leyte Cathedral or Capuchins in Ormoc
Apr 16- Catarman Cathedral / OSC Monastery Catarman
Apr 17- Calbayog Cathedral / OSC Calbayog Monastery
Apr 18- Antique Cathedral/ OSC Monastery San Jose de Buenavista
Apr 19- Dumaguete Cathedral/ OSC Monastery
Apr 20- Fly to Manila / OSC Monastery Quezon City
Apr 21 to 23- Fly to Puerto Princesa Cathedral/OSC Monastery
Apr 23 to 30- Fly to Manila / Stay at OSC Monastery, Quezon City until departure

I am a devotee of St. Clare and a believer of miracle through prayers.