For almost half a year now, when I am logging in to my accounts everyday, I only received this…

no paid

I have been reading and honestly rating articles in Readbud for more than a year. But with only few cents away before I reached the minimum cash-out of $50, Readbud did not give me any article to rate anymore.

Also, I suspected that the sites I opened in Readbud caused my other laptop to crashed down because of malwares and viruses attack. Too many pop-ups flooded my screen when I am opening links for review. But then, I continued with Readbud, ignoring the threats it made on my computer.

Just now, I tried to log-in again. As usual, no paid articles to rate again.

When I finally decided to contact the administrator, I cannot submit my comments for it always give an error.

It always say I entered and incorrect code but as you can see I did submit the right confirmation code. I also tried different browsers but nothing happened.



When will I get paid by Readbud? It will be far from reality now because of this spurious strategy. Unfair, especially for their honest members.

What a waste. Scammers.