We were hungry. My officemates and I decided to call Jollibee delivery to order food. I am excited and imagining eating my favorite TLC burger.

However, when the food has finally arrived after more than 30 minutes of waiting, we got so frustrated because it’s incomplete! As I counter-checked the receipt and the food, well, there’s no discrepancies EXCEPT that there are orders which were not included.

We ordered for two TLC burger meal (with fries and softdrink), one Peach Mango pie, and one Chicken with Palabok meal (with softdrink).

But what has delivered to us are one TLC burger meal, one Chicken with Palabok meal and one Peach Mango pie only. Where’s the other TLC burger meal?

The delivery guy explained that they only deliver what was the call center agent who received the customer’s order relayed to their branch. Yes, I believed him. But they got the wrong order.

We cannot wait for another more than 30 minutes for them to deliver the other orders without the assurance that they will bring to us the right food we wanted.

Irritated and clouded by hunger, I told the branch manager that I will not pay for the food they delivered and then I asked the crew to return with it.

Prior to this, I already noticed that the call center agent seems to be not attentive to my orders because when he repeated it, he got it wrong. He’s insisting that I said Chicken with Spaghetti but I AM NOT. I clearly stated it Chicken with Palabok meal, is it that hard to understand?

As a customer, I deserve a good service not an inconvenience like what I experienced with Jollibee delivery.

Better forget Jollibee delivery service from now on.