Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. is campaigning for a big change.

Well, that’s what PLDT shouted on their huge billboard along a busy highway in Pasig City, Philippines. What do they mean by change? Is it for the betterment or for worst?

Did PLDT actually examined their own services or policies? I don’t think so.
Because ever since, PLDT is a true failure.

This is the third time I wrote about PLDT’s very disappointing services, especially their broadband.

Today, I think I can’t be patient anymore. They gone too far.

I called up their customer service center to follow-up my request for rebates. I seek rebates because it was almost two weeks that I don’t have an internet connection last year! And that affects my work. Seriously!

Well, the service agent politely told me that PLDT denied my request for rebates because the cause of the problem of not having an internet connection is within the customer area and not with them!

Huwaat??!! So it’s my fault that I don’t have an internet connection? How? I am not the one who installed their equipment and I didn’t even touch their stuff here. I am not the one who do the configurations. I am not in control of their server. So why me? Why?

I got no clear answers from the PLDT agent. Just like that. I cannot have rebates for their failed service. Sucks!