I thought Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT Co.) already changed its daunting system. I was wrong.

I applied for PLDT Bundle 990 which includes landline and myDSL internet connection, with a monthly fee of P990.

After I paid an initial P1600, they immediately carried out the installation last December 8, 2010.

However, only the landline service has been activated on that day. The technician promised me to complete the activation of myDSL as soon as possible.

But it’s already December 14, 2010, yet, I still have no internet connection. And I don’t know how long would I wait.

Everyday, I called up their hotlines 171, 172 and 173 for repair and follow-up. I always waited for more than 30 minutes before getting answered by their customer service representatives, and only to be frustrated since there’s still no action on my concern.

Am I going to pay P990 for this incomplete service? This is too unfair and irritating!

I was forced to subscribe to PLDT since I was already fed up with Sun Cellular and Smart broadband failed service.

What is happening to PLDT? Please, don’t be a looser.